AnyDroneRTK Specifications

AnyDroneRTK which is a universal drone attachment providing RTK/PPK across most drones. All DJI drones are fully supported. 


Why should I pre-order Besides the discount on the final price, we are currently in competitions in our university for funding and help. Funding itself isn't a problem, however if we win we will be granted mentorship from a wide range of experienced business owners. This will enable us to bring a better quality product to you. Pre-orders help us be taken seriously and get better quality help. 

How realistic that this ships? Almost guaranteed. Why? We already have manufacturing figured out to an extent. Budget is not a problem. The technology is ready to go. I am sure the're hiccups. However pre-ordering here is essential to minimize those for you and us. 

What do you get for pre-ordering? We are looking at offering $200 off the sale price of $1,200. As well as an extended warranty for getting the early production versions. Pricing is still a little uncertain and may go up more, however if you pre-order we will honor the $1k price for you. If for some reason it becomes cheaper we will still take $200 off what that price may be. 

How can I refund my pre-order If you make a post, contact any of us and we will honor the refund. What happens if this doesn't ever show up At this point that's nearly impossible, however we will still refund you. 

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