3cm Positional Accuracy On Any Drone

DJI Mini 4 Pro (Pre-Production)

DJI Air 3 (Prototype 2)

DJI Mavic 3 / Pro / Classic (Prototype 1)

Why bother?

Consumer drones have a positional accuracy of 10 meters, and relative accuracy of 1 meter. AnyDroneRTK brings that down to 3cm. Increasing the quality of measurements, maps, and data.

Shipping Late-Summer

Currently late summer for full product launch. Stay up to date by joining our Discord server.


See the progress to launch

The most recent 5 enclosure designs

The most recent pre-production boards on-top the DJI Mini 4 Pro drone

The AnyDroneRTK module on-top the DJI Mini 4 Pro in flight for sensor and battery life testing.

Top IO board

Verified By NC State University's VenturePack Competition

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